Важлива інформація для біженців з України | Updated information on refugees from Ukraine →

Prosecutor's Office should take action to dissolve the Vazrajdane Party


Annual Report: Human Rights in Bulgaria in 2022


Statement in Support of the Union of Judges in Bulgaria on the Crisis in the Leadership of the Prosecutor's Office


110,389 live without ID cards in Bulgaria, deprived of basic human rights


Position Statement on Friday’s failure to pass the Bill for the Protection from Domestic Violence Act


Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights: urgent action needed to end pushback at Bulgarian border


“On Rights and People” – BHC celebrates 30 years since its founding with a new podcast and a focus on young people


Updated important information on refugees from Ukraine | Важлива інформація для біженців з України


Two actions seek responsibility from Bulgaria for the vaccination failure


Uncovering anti‑Roma discrimination in criminal justice systems in Europe: Key findings


What we do

We document human rights violations

We monitor the human rights situation in Bulgaria since 1992. We provide Bulgarian and international institutions with expert reports and statements, informing legislators, state administration, as well as the broader society.

We provide free legal aid

We do strategic litigation in selected cases of violations of basic human rights in Bulgaria. We prioritise aiding vulnerable communities for whose members it is unlikely to have access to justice.

We do advocacy

We organise campaigns to inform broader Bulgarian and international society on the human rights situation in Bulgaria and we mobilise civil society for causes in defense of human rights.

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Prosecutor's Office should take action to dissolve the Vazrajdane Party

Signatories are also well-known public figures

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LGBTI people are the new target of 'poisonous' media arrows.

The Bulgarian Helsinki Committee and the Association 'Organization Drom' presented a study and a report on 'The Image of Minority and Vulnerable Groups in Bulgarian Media'.

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The political party VMRO-BND engages in discrimination, ruled the Commission for Protection against Discrimination (CPD)

The Commission for Protection against Discrimination (CPD) imposed a fine of 1000 LV and a mandatory instruction on the Political party "VMRO-Bulgarian National Movement" (VMRO-BND) not to allow publications that promote prejudice against specific ethnic communities.

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Anonymous Notices Leave Residents of Orlandovtsi District in Sofia Homeless

Под заплаха е поставено оцеляването на невръстни деца, бременни, старци, хора с увреждания.

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The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) condemned Spain for the failure of parliament to appoint judges to the judicial council.

The Bulgarian Parliament has also excessively delayed the appointment of new members to the Supreme Judicial Council, according to attorney Adela Kachaunova from the BHC.


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