Changes in the leadership of the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee

On 28 March 2024. The General Assembly of the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee (BHC) elected a new leadership of the organization. The change affects both its governing board and its chairmanship.

The new Board will have two co-chairs – Adela Katchaounova and Radoslav Stoyanov, who will continue the mission and follow the goals of the organization in monitoring and protecting human rights in Bulgaria.

Adela Kachaunova is the Director of BHC's Legal Advocacy Program, where she is responsible for strategic litigation in national and supranational jurisdictions and leads a team of experienced and dedicated lawyers.

Radoslav Stoyanov is a long-time human rights activist and lawyer. His work focuses on LGBTI equality, discrimination and discriminatory crimes.

The long-time chairman of the organisation, Dr. Krasimir Kanev, steps down from the board but will continue to lead the organization's monitoring and research program, which monitors material conditions in a number of closed institutions for children and adults.