Legal Aid for Refugees and Migrants

The program for the legal protection of refugees and migrants has existed since 1994. It is mainly supported by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and works in cooperation with the State Agency for Refugees under the Council of Ministers, the General Directorate of Border Police, and the Migration Directorate of the Ministry of Interior.

The program offers legal advice, representation, and legal protection to approximately 5,000 people per year, participates in the development of modern refugee and migration policy in Bulgaria, promotes the successful integration of refugees in Bulgaria, and their dignified return to their countries of origin.

The program offers free specialized legal consultations: representation in the course of the refugee procedure, professional and independent legal protection, protection before the court and other state institutions, assistance for successful integration, support for voluntary repatriation.

The efforts of program staff over the years have contributed to the creation of new refugee legislation, and work in domestic courts has set a number of legal precedents for the Supreme Administrative Court that will have a huge impact on future refugee case law.

The program works in a separate office at 1 Uzundzhovska Str., Tel. 02 981 3318 and 02 980 0057.