A response to the European Commission consultation on rule of law in the EU

    Adela Katchaounova, atty., Diana Dragieva, atty., Iveta Savova, atty., Rilka Gergichanova, Radoslav Stoyanov

This contribution is a response to the European Commission’s consultation feed into its first Annual Rule of Law Report. It builds on submissions provided by Liberties’ members in:

  • Bulgaria (Bulgarian Helsinki Committee)
  • Croatia (Centre for Peace Studies)
  • Hungary (Hungarian Civil Liberties Union)
  • Italy (Italian Coalition for Civil Liberties and Rights and Associazione Antigone)
  • Poland (Polish Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights)
  • Romania (The Association for the Defence of Human Rights in Romania – the Helsinki Committee)
  • Spain (Rights International Spain)
  • the Netherlands (Netherlands Committee of Jurists for Human Rights).

This contribution offers an overview of key challenges and trends identified by Liberties on the basis of our contributing members’ submissions. Full country submissions are included as received from our respective members for Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania and Spain, as an annex to this document. Our members in Poland and Hungary are submitting their contribution to the consultation separately – the latter as a joint submission together with other national NGOs.