What does the BHC do?

The Bulgarian Helsinki Committee has been a subject of lies and fake news for years. False allegations, intentionally spread in public space and time aim to convince our society it doesn’t need the protection of their human rights. This process has escalated and as a result, one of the governing political parties has demanded our organization to close its activity.

This act has provoked an extraordinary public response by the NGO sector, which was indicative of public opinion. We are very grateful for the prompt and outright support we have received by dozens of organizations, both national and international.

In response to the expressed solidarity and the increased public interest, the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee has launched a campaign entitled "The BHC for the People". The purpose is to answer the repeating question: “What do the BHC actually do?” and prove human rights defenders are needed.

In this campaign, we are going to present to you the stories of people whose rights the BHC has defended over the years and of people it continues fighting for. You will recognize some faces, you will feel the pain of suffering children left without treatment and support; you can witness the struggle of parents, forcibly separated from their children; women who have lost their lives in the hands of their partner. We are going to tell you the ominous story about the institutes for children where young lives go away in silence. We are going to introduce you to the face of the grief of one’s homeland left behind.

We are what we are fighting for. Fighting for Bulgaria for us means fighting for the human rights of the people who live here. Because Bulgaria is the people.

Video: BHC for the people

This video presents six people that the BHC provided help to. Some of these cases led to successful court battles, where justice was served. An example is the case of the 'butterfly child' Yana, living with epidermolysis bullosa. Others ended up tragically but we don't stop working on them. Human rights are for everyone and this is our cause. The cause of (the people in) the BHC. The video was produced by the BHC, Clamer Production Studio, & Noble Graphics. Director: Georgi Manov. Cameraman: Krum Rodrigues. Postproduction: Clamer Production Studio. Voice: Peter Meltev.