EU 2020: Demanding on Democracy

    Civil Liberties Union for Europe

This report illustrates the challenges affecting the rule of law, democracy and justice in the European Union (EU) as viewed by the member and partner organisations to the Civil Liberties Union for Europe.

This report offers a comprehensive overview of the main challenges affecting the rule of law across the EU as viewed by civil liberties organisations. It covers the past year’s most
striking developments related to the rule of law in 14 EU countries, as reported by Liberties’ member and partner organisations, and namely:

  • Bulgarian Helsinki Committee – Bulgaria
  • Centre for Peace Studies – Croatia
  • League of Human Rights – Czech Republic
  • Vox Public – France
  • Society for Civil Rights – Germany
  • Hungarian Civil Liberties Union – Hungary
  • Irish Council for Civil Liberties – Ireland
  • Associazione Antigone jointly with the Italian Coalition for Civil Liberties and Rights – Italy
  • Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights – Poland
  • Apador-CH – Romania
  • Via Iuris – Slovakia
  • Peace Institute – Slovenia
  • Rights International Spain – Spain
  • Civil Rights Defenders – Sweden